Calcium carbonate is a substance which is formed by two or more elements in a fixed proportion by weight.

It contains the elements carbon (C) and oxygen (O) in the form of the group CO3, having one atom of carbon and three atoms of oxygen, which, combined with calcium, produce calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

The calcium carbonate/limestone goes through a metamorphosis due to the influence of temperature and pressure and gradually comes together until it forms the marbles.

The density is of 2.71 gr/cc

The hardness is 3 on the Mohs scale.

The structure is hexagonal.

We have three types of raw material to cover all high quality calcium carbonate requirements.

These three products are:

The CARBONATE line, which is characterized by a Creta amorphous structure.

The white calcite line, which is called CARBONAT

The ultra white line, which is called ICARB

Each of them can be provided in different gradation and packaging in order to meet the client’s requirements.