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Our wide range of products is high quality and processing technology.
Our quality system ensures consistency and traceability of products, and the design of new qualities.

Precipitate calcium carbonate
CarbonatesPrecipitate calcium carbonate
TIOPAC - S High quality synthetic material available without superficial treatment... more
Calcium carbonate is a substance which is formed by two or more elements in a fixed... more
BaritesFrom the Greek barys, which means “heavy” making reference to its high specific weight. The crystalline system is rhomb or orthorhombic. Hardness: 3 – 3.5 on Mohs scale Density: around 4.3 gr/cc. Properties: high density, intense shine and non soluble in acids. Three levels... more
KaolinWe offer four types of natural kaolin both in compacted granules with a dampness of 8 – 10 % for the ceramic and paper industries and the same products dried and micronized for the rest of the industries. We can adapt to the packaging required by the client. The main available types are:... more
DolomiteOur Dolomite comes from one of the whitest and purest deposits in the world. It is available in micronized form and in different grading.
Rock wool
Rock woolArtificial fiber previous to the fusion of different components with many applications. We highlight the following: Friction products, phenolic products, nylon 6.6, polypropene, polybutylene Terephtalate reins, paints and coverings, plastics, thermoplastics, adhesives, sealing and many other... more
MicaMuscovite natural white-silver Mica characterized by its good lamination and available dry in different grading, even micronized.   Mica has a squamous shape with a density of 2.7 – 2.8 gr/cc, with a silky, pearl shine. We offer different grading for the non micronized types and a... more
SepioliteA hydrous magnesium silicate that belongs to the sepiolita-paligorskita family. It has a structure formed by parallel chains that create some channels. Sepiolite has different types of water in its structure that are lost due to the heating action. This loss of water is reversible until 400 -... more
TalcTalc is a hydrous magnesium silicate characterized for being soft and its formula is Mg3Si4O10(OH)2. From 900 degrees the talc loses the hydroxyl groups and at around 1050º it recrystallizes in different shapes of enstatite (water-free magnesium silicate). The melting point of talc is... more
WollastoniteNatural calcium silicate characterized by an aciculine (needle-shaped) structure. Therefore it is highly recommended as a substitute for applications where asbestos was used previously, where a cross-linking effect is needed or where the special shape of the particle and chemical specification is... more
Hollow spheres
Hollow spheresMicrobolit - hollow ceramic spheres -grey colour- used in construction industry, marine, floor materials, refractories and other uses.
Silicate MNSA
Silicate MNSAMaterial type indicated in traffic industrial paints, epoxy, polyurethane, protective structures, marine and other higher given the lower hardness and density for the product traditionally used in these applications as barite.
SulfatesWe specialize in micronized calcium sulfates high whiteness. We have dihydrate, hemihydrate and anhydre qualites.
Green Chrome Oxide
Green Chrome Oxide
Solid White
Solid White
Xanthan Gum
Xanthan Gum
Sodium Hexametaphosphate
Sodium Hexametaphosphate
PerliteExpanded perlite with different particle sizes


Besides products that we have previously highlighted, our company also offers special products that higlight our innovative effor. For that reason we can offer you another group of special products which adapt to the highest requirements.

QuartzHigh purity material available in different grades of micronization.
Silicat - MNTMineral combination characterized by different types and physical properties that make it an ideal material for the adhesives paint industry.