Minerals i Derivats has served non metal minerals to companies from many industries for more than 75 years. Its goal is to be the partner that provides the solution for the materials and service needs of its clients.

This has been a continuous challenge from the first day, fostering the creation of new products, and leading to the application of strict standards of quality and to a healthy respect for the environment.

The company was founded un 1942 by Mr. Salvador Torres Font in l’Arboç (Tarragona). At the beginning the focus was on the extraction and commercializabon of calcium carbonate from our mines but this soon expanded to cover many other products. From the very beginning, our aim has been to serve our customers and meet market demands. That goal has guided our activity beyond our frontiers.

Following that plicy, during the eighties we acquired kaolin and mica mines in order to offer other products and to widen the possibilities for our clients. Our products, our experience and our client base all increased.

The nineties were years of consolidation and expansion. The company once again widened its range of products, increased it’s number of representatives and enlarged it’s client base, as well as expanding the industries it served: paint, pottery, paper or automobile.

Our clients need quality, dependability and good service: we also offer our experience, commitment and the Quality Cenificate ISO 9001:2015 awarded by QSCert.

Today our challenge is in new technologies, new materials, new products, new manufacturing, packaging and distribution processes, new commercial techniques linked to experience in the industry, knowledge of national and international markets, resource optimization… in conclusion the best of the 20th and 21st century can be found in Minerals i Derivals, S.A. in order to satisfy the needs of our clients.

In Minerals i Derivats we offer, with just one provider, most of the non metal minerals that your company needs.

Our commitment is your satisfaction.